• Hiking | Woodland Hills

    Hi loves! I had an amazing experience walking through Woodland Hills. My first reaction was everything was beautiful. There were trees on both sides of the trail that led you to the forest. It was filled with vibrant green bushes and beautiful flowers. They were bees, dragonflies, and butterflies flying around. I decided to take a path that someone had created. It led me to the Rouge River. I was able to climb down the hill and stand on the rocks in the river. It was peaceful just standing there listening to the water roll down the river. It had put my mind at ease.

    I continue my journey on the main trail, as I got deeper into the forest. The forest was an open field full of young and old trees. It is home to many animals and insects. I came across two deer eating their food. One of my favorite things I love about the nature park was the beautiful flowers. They were flowers all over the park, I had to take a picture of them. The daisies were my favorites.

    Woodland Hills has a 1.7-mile trail that surrounds the Rouge River. The most beautiful destination I found in the park was the wetlands. The wetlands were big, it was surrounded by trees, bushes, and flowers. There were ducks swimming in the wetland. I heard insects and birds all around me. The environment was very calm.

    Woodland Hill is located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. I enjoyed my first visit to the park. It felt good to go outdoors and admire the nature around me. It was peaceful, clean and a great place to take a nice walk. ☺️

    Positively Tiana


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